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When A Real Estate Attorney Is The Guide That You Need To Complete A Deal

Many people believe that a real estate agent is the person to turn to for help buying, selling or leasing a residential or commercial property. While real estate professionals may have much to offer, a lawyer’s watchful eye is critical for such a consequential transaction. Your home or business property may be the largest investment you make in your lifetime. To protect your interests, get legal counsel before attempting to close a deal.

Schoenthaler Kahler Reicks & Petersen is a general practice firm in Maquoketa that has a valuable resource for the communities in this part of Iowa for more than 100 years. Real estate lawyers at our firm reliably meet the needs of individuals and businesses in the region when properties change hands.

What Our Attorneys Can Do To Keep Your Real Estate Transaction Secure

Ask us for help with any real estate transaction or issue, such as:

  • A purchase offer, sales negotiations or closing
  • Splitting (partitioning) a piece of land for development or another purpose
  • Merging or combining properties
  • Lease drafting or negotiations
  • A residential or commercial landlord-tenant dispute
  • A zoning or land use controversy

Our lawyers can conduct a title search to ensure there is no title defect to get in the way of your pending deal – or to cause trouble down the road. If something stands in the way of your planned purchase or sale or may affect a future change of ownership, it is critical to uncover that information now, before you sign on the dotted line.

Your real estate attorney can do even more for you besides screening for title defects. In Iowa, a real estate agent or an attorney can close on a property that you buy or sell. Unlike the case in most other states, you do not need to use a private title insurance company to complete your purchase or sale of a home or commercial property in this state. We can streamline the buy-sell process or the sealing of a commercial property lease agreement while protecting your rights and interests.

Get The Conversation Started

Our real estate attorneys have earned a strong reputation for reliability and efficiency in real estate transactions and litigation in eastern Iowa.

To schedule a consultation regarding any real estate matter, possibly a probate situation involving real property, call 563-227-8983 or email us.