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Get Your Estate Plan In Order

A basic, essential starting point for any estate plan is a will. You may create a simple will or update a more complex one, but any will at all is far better than none. Your executor or personal representative will have a significant head start when your will is valid and clear. Without a will, your death would be considered “intestate,” and administering your estate would be much more costly and time-consuming.

Making the process of settling your estate easier for your family may or may not be a strong incentive for you. For some people, it’s about putting finances in order to ensure that favorite charitable causes will receive substantial contributions without the government taking too much in inheritance taxes.

Whatever your legacy goals are in estate planning, peace of mind can be a great benefit during your lifetime. At Schoenthaler Kahler Reicks & Petersen, we will work closely with you to help you put together an estate plan that reflects your wishes and priorities through:

  • A will
  • One or more trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • A living will (health care directive)

Do you care for a family member with disabilities? We can assist with special needs planning. Do you own a farm or business? We can help ensure that your succession plan aligns with your personal testamentary documents.

Take An Estate Through Probate With Confidence And Efficiency

Perhaps you have been named as the executor or personal representative of the estate of a family member or close friend. Legal advice can be vital when you have this responsibility. Our probate law attorneys can guide you through the processes while protecting you from allegations of breach of fiduciary duties. As experienced litigators, we can protect your loved one’s estate in case of a will contest or any type of estate litigation.

Meet With An Estate Law Attorney At Your Convenience

Have you been putting off creating or updating your estate plan? Does the task seem daunting or overwhelming? Our Iowa estate lawyers will work closely with you to begin where you feel comfortable and establish a foundation that you can build on.

Step one is to get started. Request a consultation with one of our estate law attorneys in Maquoketa. Call 563-227-8983 or email us for a prompt response.