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Defense Attorneys Who Will Work Hard To Protect Your Rights And Future

When you seek out a defense lawyer, your goal should not be simply to get your current legal troubles under control. You should look for an attorney who will guide you step by step to a long-term outcome you can live with. For most people, this means pursuing dismissed charges, acquittal at trial, probation, reduced charges and/or reduced penalties.

At Schoenthaler Kahler Reicks & Petersen, our criminal defense lawyers stay laser-focused on one overarching goal in every criminal case: to prevent their client who is accused of a crime from ending up with a criminal record. All efforts are secondary to that most essential objective. A criminal record can stop you from choosing the career you want, continuing an occupation that you have now or pursuing other life goals. For the protection of your rights, work with an attorney who understands how important your clean record is – and who will fight to keep yours that way.

Criminal Cases That We Handle

Our defense attorneys are prepared to defend you after you have been charged with any crime, such as:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)
  • An alcohol-related offense
  • A drug crime
  • Assault, domestic violence, a weapons violation or any violent crime
  • Theft
  • Fraud or any white collar crime

Your criminal case may have an impact on another area of the law that affects your life, such as:

  • Family law (Will a domestic violence conviction affect your child custody case?)
  • Immigration law (Will your reckless driving charge affect your immigration status?)
  • Personal injury (Were you injured during alleged criminal activity? How will the outcome of the criminal case affect your ability to collect compensation after a fall or crash?)

Our attorneys will approach your criminal case with the big picture of your life clearly in focus. We will let you know of ways you can help your own case, such as by taking part in chemical dependency treatment, driver safety classes or anger management therapy if relevant.

Protect Your Presumption Of Innocence

If we could give you just one piece of advice in the area of criminal law, it would be this:

Do not answer questions from the police until you have legal counsel.

Our lawyers can guide you on how to respond when police investigators want to interrogate you. To protect your freedom and record, do not submit to questioning without a lawyer on your side. Stand up for your constitutional rights and reclaim your prospects for a rewarding future. Call 563-227-8983 or email us to request a consultation.